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f you’ve ever wished you could have eyes and ears in places other than where you are at any given moment, you don’t have to hire a private detective or...



f you’ve ever wished you could have eyes and ears in places other than where you are at any given moment, you don’t have to hire a private detective or figure out the impossibility of being in two places at one time. Instead, the Trusters Rectangle Camera resolves those challenges. It’s a new hidden clock camera that monitors places when you’re somewhere else, which means it’s useful for many different purposes.

When to Use the Trusters Rectangle Camera Hidden Clock Camera

Many situations are ideal for using the Trusters Rectangle Camera hidden clock camera. For example, you can use it to monitor a caretaker, such as a nanny, babysitter, or eldercare employee, without them knowing the camera is there. Make sure all’s well when you’re not around by using it in these circumstances. The camera can also help to protect your home and belongings by noticing thieves and helping to get them caught in the act of wrongdoing. General home or office surveillance purposes are other situations in which the camera can be useful, if not essential.

How It Works and Where to Place It

The Trusters Rectangle Camera camera’s motion activation feature works by sensing when someone or something gets near it. It does this by being able to sense movement in the image. Place the camera in a location that’s near whoever or whatever you want to monitor. For example, if you are monitoring a nanny, place the camera in a room where the nanny and child would typically spend substantial amounts of time. Within that room, place the camera so it’s facing a spot where the nanny would typically be.

If the purpose of your camera is to monitor your home and property for possible thieves, place it near a spot where an intruder would be likely to walk, such as near a front or back door or an interior doorway that people tend to walk through frequently.

Because the motion activation works by sensing movement, do not place the camera in a location where it will mistakenly be tipped off by a false alarm. For example, if you place it near where there's a lot of movement in general, it could sense that something is amiss when it really isn't. Place the camera a substantial distance away from these movement sources.

Once you have the camera set up and recording, it works in an efficient way that saves you time. You won't have to wade through hours of footage, because the camera only records when it senses movement.

Features and Details

The Trusters Rectangle Camera  camera offers a multitude of extremely useful and practical features, with some of the key ones being the following:

  • Video quality:When you’re using a hidden camera, the whole point is to be able to view images produced by the camera and identify what’s happening on screen. For that purpose, you need video that’s high enough in quality, and the Trusters Rectangle Camera  meets that requirement by having superior image quality.
  • Recording time:How many hours you can record with the camera varies based on the memory card you use in the camera, but there’s a maximum of 32GB. As a reference point, 40 minutes of high-definition recording uses about 1GB of recording space.
  • Viewing videos:Once you’ve recorded video, you’ll of course want to view it. The Trusters Rectangle Camera makes that easy to do. Simply remove the memory card from the camera and insert it into a computer.

You may wonder about cost of the Trusters Rectangle Camera, given all of these excellent features and how useful the camera is. The price point is surprisingly low, given all that you get for your investment.

Increase your peace of mind and decrease your sense of wondering what’s going on when you’re not looking by setting up the Trusters Rectangle Camera in strategic locations. You’ll soon realize it’s an essential possession and wonder how you ever got by without it.


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